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Kitchen Chemistry

Vegan  Coconut Buttercream Frosting

Coconut Buttercream Frosting

It's kind of funny that one of my earliest recipes has suddenly become one of the most searched, so I'm bringing it back to the forefront with a new picture and … [read more]

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The Answer is 42

BlissDom, Ho!

BlissDom, Ho!

I wasn't able to scrape together the funds to get to BlogU, BlogHer or BlogHer Food this year (we'll try for one of them next year, crossing fingers), but there's one more bloggers … [read more]

Woman fining birthday party boring with streamer being less than excited

The Anti-Birthday Birthday

I wonder occasionally what part of the X chromosome I'm missing that typical girly/mom stuff just leaves me nonplussed. If you show me an article where people are squee-ing over … [read more]

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Little House in the Suburbs

Food Retro's Self Irrigated Planter 2014

The Urban Garden, 2014

I didn't say a lot about my garden for a while cause I had little to say, and suddenly there's almost too much. My garden, a self-built cedar sub-irrigated planter … [read more]

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